Alliance Finance is going Beyond the Hour

Alliance Finance Co PLC proudly pledges to Earth Hour- the largest collective global effort to help minimize the environmental crisis.

About Alliance Finance Co PLC

Alliance Finance Co PLC (AFC) is the 3rd oldest Finance Company in Sri Lanka established in 1956. We have built our brand with 57 years of trust and integrity with innovative financial services. We offer Fixed Deposits, Savings, Leasing, Hire Purchase, Gold Loans, Ezy Drive car hire, Import Finance, Real Estate, General Trading and many other financial instruments that have captured the trust and loyalty of a customer base across four generations.

At the National Business Excellence Awards 2012, AFC won the Gold award in the Non- Banking Finance Services Category for its continued excellence, dedication and commitment and the Silver award for Excellence in performance management practices.

Commitments to Environment thus far

Alliance Finance’s commitment to environment sustainability goes beyond engaging in activities that manage consumption of energy and other non-renewable resources. The company’s environmental sustainability sphere also encompasses the very nature of Alliance Finance’s product offering to contribute to the well-being of the planet. The Alliance Finance Company always looks forward to deliver to customer demands whilst supporting the protection of environment.

Three wheeler financing is one of the major lending products of Alliance Finance. AFC being one of the pioneers in financing three-wheelers identified the potential available in Sri Lanka for the gas converted three-wheelers as currently there are 600,000 three-wheelers (Approximately) operating in SL. Mr. Romani De Silva (Managing Director/ Deputy Chairman) identified the need of mitigating the environmental damage caused by harmful emissions. Therefore, he launched a three wheeler gas conversion project.

The benefits of the gas powered three wheelers are a valuable environmental initiative in a country such as Sri Lanka in which three wheelers are a vital source of transportation as well as a livelihood for many. We are looking forward to helping Sri Lanka to protect the environment & help the three wheeler driver to bring down their running cost. This project was started in August 2010 and we are running our own 50 gas converted three wheelers. We are providing loan facilities for three wheeler owners to purchase gas units from us. Those who patronize this Ezy Drive Green three- wheeler service will be helping the disadvantaged whilst contributing to saving the environment by reducing harmful emissions.

Earth Hour 2013

AFC’s Latest Triple Bottom Line initiative is “AFC Green Pledge”. Hand in hand with Earth Hour Sri Lanka, it plans to educate 15 schools in and around Colombo about the environmental crisis and crisis management with interactive educational sessions. The Company has set out an “I Will If You Will” for The Earth Hour 2013.

“Alliance Finance Co PLC will donate Rs. 200,000/- to a deserving school in a rural area, if 15 schools in and around Colombo successfully roll out a Green Project by December 2013.”

This project is through a competition between the schools with a Cash prize of Rs. 50,000 for the best project, in order to give the initiative and motivate each school to roll out their own Green projects. This competition will not only get the participation of the younger generation to care about their planet, but also encourage creative and innovative ideas for sustainability to be evaluated and propagated beyond the 15 schools.

AFC commits to Earth Hour by having a symbolic one hour of “switching off non- essential lights from 11.00 am- 12.00 pm on Friday 22nd March. The invitation has been extended from Mr. Romani De Silva (Managing Director/ Deputy Chairman) encouraging them to participate in Earth Hour and commit to sustainability beyond the hour.