Coco Veranda gets involved in supporting the Earth Hour celebrations

Coco Veranda gets involved in supporting the Earth Hour celebrations for the 3rd consecutive year and will be dedicated to late Mr. Sarath Sathiamoorthy who took the initiative and interest to support the campaign ascertaining the importance.

This year making it an imperative milestone by taking a simple pledge, we will bring together Coco’s Friends and family to observe the Earth Hour over an Acoustic Open Mic Session. We also take a great deal on spreading the Word and Creating Awareness on Social Media encouraging our friends to take the pledge in celebrating our Planet. All non-essential lights will be switched off at both Coco Veranda outlets at Ward Place and Crescat Boulevard to mark the hour. A Coffee Art was created portraying the “60+ Earth Hour” to kick start the campaign and have lined up few complimentary treats such as the “Earth Hour Discount” for our customers to enjoy a candlelit dinner over a lovely evening.

“Going beyond the Hour” Coco Veranda’s “Water With A Difference” has taken a baby step this year on a mission to build a common platform for various charities and community/environmental projects to benefit. It’s the first of its kind to be launched in Sri Lanka with the whole objective of ‘giving something back’ into the Society by simply converting your everyday purchase into a life-changing element. This is focused on raising funds towards causes that we believe to facilitate a better way of life, making a real

difference in the most disadvantaged parts of the country.