EFM – Radio Partner for Earth Hour Sri Lanka supports the cause

Every year, E FM has carried a message to its family of listeners ranging from many back grounds and lifestyles. A message prompting change to battle global warming and climate change by being a part of Earth Hour and represent a global cause.

E FM is proud to have partnered Earth Hour throughout the years and together have carried this important message to the masses of Sri Lanka. And like wise, this year too, E FM have already started its campaign to educate its listeners the evils of over consumption and climate change.

During its comprehensive on air campaign, E FM listeners are also been encouraged to switch off their non essentials lights and electronic appliances for a period of one hour and join the global initiative, Earth Hour. This year, with the support of Earth Hour Sri Lanka, E FM listeners will also have the opportunity to win authentic Earth Hour T-Shirts.

This global cause is something everybody at E FM believes in strongly. Therefore the passion and commitment extended towards Earth Hour is strong and the organizations pledge of support will definitely continue in the years to come as well.