Expo Rail supports Earth Hour 2013 for the second consecutive year

Expo Rail which has re-defined train travel in Sri Lanka has committed to go beyond the hour for the second consecutive year. Speaking to Expo Rail officials they said this how they will be supporting the cause to go beyond the hour;

• At Expo Rail the Month of March have been delectated for “Earth Hour & Climate Change”
• Expo Rail will be playing a video on climate change with the official 2013 Earth Hour video for every sector they operate daily including their office premises.
• Publicity will be given in Expo Rail FB page thus creating awareness to over 8000+ fans
• The cabin crew members will be given a badge which will convey a strong message on Earth Hour
• The website will carry the Earth Hour logo which would give access to the Earth Hour SL sign up page http://www.earthhour.lk/signup.html

The main reason behind why they decided to support Earth Hour – 2013 and to go beyond the hour is because Expo Rail is in the business of Train Travel which has a considerable amount of Eco Benefits. For instance;

• Results so far indicate that trains are almost always less damaging to the environment than planes and cars.
• A train uses up to 70% less energy and causes up to 85% less air pollution when compared to a jet aircraft.
• Trains use 17 times less fuel to travel the same distance compared to an aircraft and 5 times less fuel than a car per passenger km.
• So to conclude if a party of 30 travels with Expo Rail, you will be using 30 times less fuel than if you hired 6 taxis

Thus, Expo Rail has taken this opportunity to dedicate the month of March towards creating awareness to all their passengers who travel onboard to all their sectors by playing a 6 minute video towards this cause with the ultimate objective of taking a stand against climate change. Expo Rail supported Earth Hour 2012 creating awareness to over 4000+ travellers in just one month.