Hilton Colombo to observe Earth Hour 2013

Hilton Colombo plans to mark Earth Hour 2013 from 8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, March 23, 2013 as people and organizations around the world turn off their lights in support of action on global climate change. Hilton Colombo along with 3,000 hotels that are part of the Hilton Worldwide portfolio of brands are expected to take part in the event that will mobilize more than one billion people worldwide.

Keeping in line with the Earth Hour theme of 60+, Spices, Spoons and the Thorana Lounge will be switching off their lighting for one hour, allowing diners to enjoy a candlelit dinner. Spices restaurant will be serving an authentic Hydrabadi themed buffet that is created by the hotel’s very own Indian Chef Sandeep Kumar. Guests can also enjoy the Earth Hour Jazz unplugged at the hotel’s exquisite Thorana Lounge and bar.

The hotel will also observe Earth Hour by switching off all non-essential lights including laundry machines, boilers, swimming pool pumps, the pond, the tennis court lights, concessionaire shop lights, and building lights. Moreover the hotel will shut down one elevator and the back corridor lights will be reduced by 50% while all the floor corridors will be kept on emergency lighting for one hour. The well known Hilton neon logo will also be switched off as a symbolic gesture to further demonstrate

the hotel’s support to Earth Hour.

Hilton Worldwide is the first major multi-brand hospitality company to make sustainability measurement a brand standard and recently earned ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications for quality and environmental management – one of the largest volume certifications awarded for commercial buildings. As part of that standard, Hilton Worldwide-branded properties commit to continuous improvements to their overall sustainability results each year. Across the portfolio, Hilton Worldwide has a made a five-year commitment, from 2009 to 2014, to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent, CO2 emissions by 20 percent, waste output by 20 percent and water consumption by 10 percent.

In 2010 alone, Hilton Worldwide saved more than $74 million in utility costs through a 6.6 percent reduction of energy use; 7.8 percent reduction of carbon output; 19 percent reduction of waste output; and 3.8 percent reduction of water use. Hilton Worldwide’s global giving is currently focused on creating vibrant and sustainable communities wherever we operate. For more information, visit www.hiltonworldwide.com/corporate-responsibility.