MAS Holdings supports Earth Hour 2013

By becoming a voluntary signatory to the Carbon Disclosure Project just last year, MAS holdings moved towards revealing emissions to the public, so the result onhow far changing its consumption habits can take MAS is clearly seen. Join MAS, along with hundreds of millions of others across the globe on March 23rd 2013 and switch off your lights at 8.30pm.Let’s all make a positive impact on the planet that we share.

MAS requests its employees to pledge to switch off their lights during Earth Hour, and take it a step further by going ‘beyond the hour’ with its long term projects. These include energy efficient lighting, skylights, chiller upgrades, compressor optimisation, grid optimisation, biomass boilers and biogas units, introducingsolar power, solar water heaters, automated building management systems, an online energy management system, waste management, product lifecycle assessments, CDM projects, green factories, and so much more.

In recent years, Earth Hour has become a part of this journey. Earth Hour 2013 will see MAS launching the Plastic Free Zone – a voluntary standard to reduce plastic and polythene usage within areas of its reach. More initiatives, including a power-saving plan for laptops and individual factory level programmes have also been planned during Earth Hour week.

MAS Holdings has always done its utmost to protect theprecious resources of our Earth, with its environmental sustainability practices starting as far back as the early 90s.As a responsible apparel and textile manufacturer, MAS Holdings vision is to become one of the world’s leading sustainable apparel companies.  Mas Holdings long term goals are driven by key performance indicators to dramatically reduce consumption in all facets of its business, and reverse any negative impact on the environment. With facilities and processes designed to reduce raw material consumption, energy and water consumption, emissions and pollution, MAS continuously improve its initiatives through its Environment Management Systems.MAS Holdings sustainability-focused best practices and mindset have groomed it to helpits customers, suppliers and technology providers to innovate eco products and processes.