SriLankan Airlines’ zooms in on “Earth Hour”

‘Earth Hour’ marks a stepping stone through which we all could make our move towards a greener world.

Committed to save nature’s spirited essence, SriLankan Airlines has been engaged in various green projects that aim to preserve nature. SriLankan is perhaps the first airline in South Asia to “Go Green” by making a serious commitment towards environmental protection. Taking an extra effort SriLankan has already taken measures to minimise carbon footprint, aircraft emissions and wastage while also focusing on energy saving.

Innovating with a fresh perspective

Approaching environmental issues from a novel perspective, SriLankan has drawn a corporate environmental policy which aims at creating an environmental savvy mindset in the staff.

Innovating to tackle the global environmental issues, SriLankan has also introduced a revolutionary Solatube day lighting system which they have identified as the most cost effective way of bringing natural sunlight to the building. The initiative is set to reduce the Solar Heat Gain, which in turn will reduce the air conditioning load requirement for that area. By introducing this system SriLankan is able to save Rs. 800,000.00/- per year.

Energy management

Solving the waste disposal issue of the main canteen, SriLankan has introduced a fully-fledged biogas plant that has the capacity to produce 4500kg of gas per annum. SriLankan is also in the process of Introducing Energy- efficient Lighting. Replacing energy consuming bulbs with 12W LED bulbs; SriLankan has also been able to save an annual sum of Rs 13.6 Mn

Foreseeing the future

Fortifying the future, SriLankan Airlines has already drawn blueprints for future projects. The ‘Planet Friendly Flights’ project which intends to transform SriLankan Airlines into one of the best environmentally friendly airlines will be launched in 5th June 2015, the Environment Day

Crowned for the efforts

In recognition of the efforts at creating a “Greener world”, SriLankan Airlines won the Silver and Bronze Awards for Energy Efficiency and Optimization under the State Sector – Large Enterprises Category at the “Vidulka” National Energy Efficiency Awards Ceremony in 2012 and 2013.

Standing in unison

Bonding with similar nature loving entities such as International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Sri Lanka and Whale Dolphin Conservation (WDC) UK, SriLankan Airlines stands in unison with major organisations in the attempts at preserving nature’s core beauty. The relationship with British Airways also aims at creating such an impact.

Initiating a positive social movement

SriLankan Airlines believes that the ‘Earth Hour’ is not merely about saving power for a designated hour, but a stepping stone towards creating a positive social movement that intends to preserve Mother Nature