Textured Jersey Lanka PLC proudly commits to support Earth Hour 2013

Textured Jersey Lanka PLC (TJ) along with hundreds of millions of others across the globe on March 23rd 2013 and switch off non-essential lights at 8.30pm. Let’s all make a positive impact on the planet that we share. We do believe that we have no Plan B for the coming era of difficulties if we do not act now. We are proud to become the national partner for Earth Hour Sri Lanka (EHSL) which the entire nation as well as the whole world actively engrosses in. TJ requests its employees to pledge to switch off their lights during Earth Hour, and take it a step further by going ‘beyond the hour’. It is not only inside the factory, but we need them to take this home, to their neighbors, friends and so on.

TJ joined EH from the year 2012 where we switched off all non-essential lights for one hour areas as walkways, corridors, street lights … etc. We noticed the tremendous support from the employees to the initiative and hence we are to do lot more this time on EHSL 2013. We are planning to form teams and send to areas which are not so familiar with the EHSL. Our objective is to spread the message across various communities and individuals so that we create awareness for those who lack.

Textured Jersey is the largest weft knitting fabric mill in Sri Lanka producing over 30 million meters/year. Textured Jersey employs one of Sri Lanka’s most sophisticated production facilities for the manufacture of knitted fabrics for the intimate apparel and sportswear industries. Textured Jersey is a supplier for top-notch international brands of the caliber of Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Spencer and Intimissimi.

The two major shareholders of the company are Brandix, Sri Lanka’s single largest apparel exporter and Pacific Textiles, a Hong Kong based company with one of the largest manufacturing facilities in China. TJ actively participate in many energy saving, waste reduction initiatives within the factory which directly impacting minimizing the environment impact. It is need to note that TJ produced the first Green House Gas Report in Sri Lanka and in the sub region accordance with ISO 14064-1 which is a huge stepping stone in minimizing carbon footprint knowing our baseline data. Also we produce the best Green Report in the country at the inaugural National Green Reporting System 2011. These are some of the rewards for the work we do and we continue the passion to create a better world for our future generations.